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College of Medicine

Research Center of Bacterial Pathogenesis ( 病原性細菌中心 )



  1. To promote bacteriological research at Chang Gung University and Hospitals

The most important goal of the Bacterial Pathogenesis Center is to promote interaction and collaborations among the laboratories. The center will provide facilities, expertise and financial support to these laboratories and physicians, to assist then to conduct internationally respected bacteriological research.

  1. To train and support physician scientists

The center will initially help several physicians from Chang Gung Hospitals who are at the beginning phase of their scientific careers to help them to develop their research programs in the field of bacteriology. The center hopes that these young scientists will mature upon training and ultimately join and lead the research at the center.

Research Plan

  1. Investigating the virulence factors of pathogenic bacteria

The center will emphasize the investigation on the topics related to bacterial development, biofilms, quorum sensing, and signal transduction. The center will monitor the changes in the population of pathogenic bacteria and the emergence of new pathogenic strains at Chang Gung Hospitals.

  1. Investigating host-parasite interactions

After bacterial infection, host-bacterium interactions determine the outcome of bacterial infection. This investigation will study how pathogens evade the host immune system to infect successfully.

  1. Investigating the mechanisms that affect antibiotic resistance of pathogens

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has always been the major problem in clinical settings. This research will elucidate the bacteria that were isolated at the Chang Gung Hospitals. Genotyping, antibiotic-resistance profiles, and the emergence of new resistance strains will be investigated.

  1. Developing anti-microbial substances

The center will screen natural products that prevent biofilm formation. A bioengineering program will be developed in the future to develop biofilm-resistant medical materials and devices.

Contact information:

Address: 259, Wen-Hwa 1st Rd, Kwei-Shan, Taoyuan

E-mail address: ruru650316@gmail.com (Dr. Wan-Ju Ke)

TEL: +886-3-2118800 ext.5130


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