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中醫學系天然藥物碩士班特別演講- Professor Jay Jones
演講題目 : How do we reconnect with the natural world?
現職 : Professor Jay Jones / University of La Verne, USA
演講時間 : 2019-01-08 (二) 14:00-15:30
地點 : 第二醫學大樓B1F會議廳(三)
主持人 : 方嘉佑 教授
說明 : Brief Biographic summary for Jay Jones (version for general environmental audiences):

Jay Jones has broad academic training with concentrations ranging from Microbiology and Botany to Geology and Chemistry. He has held appointments with Argonne National Laboratory, The National Park Service, Ripon College in Wisconsin, Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis, ARCO Oil and Gas Exploration Research, and Lockheed as a consultant to NASA on remote sensing. For the last 20 years he has served as Professor of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of La Verne where he teaches a diverse array of courses, including an interdisciplinary course called, Toward a Sustainable Planet. Travels associated with his teaching and research, have allowed Jay to directly observe environmental changes at home and abroad. (e.g. Amazon, Australia, Borneo, Central America, Galapagos, Ireland, Middle East, . . . ) In recent years Jay has represented the University on the National Council for Science and the Environment, a consortium of Academic Institutions, NGO’s, and Corporations, that develop recommendations for legislators and government agencies regarding the environment. Professor Jones presents talks on a variety of subjects related to sustainability including economics, biological diversity, science education, nutrition, technology for the Anthropocene . . .

BA, BS, MS Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
MA, PhD Indiana University - Bloomington
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